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Summer's here and the time is right for sweating out every ounce of bodily fluid in you and replacing it with beer and jello! We'll watch eachother wiggle, see us jiggle on July 4 with bands, beer, barbecue, explosives and, obviously, jello. Kickoff is at 2 PM and we're likely to play hard until dark then go out with a bang! Be there or be square elsewhere.
Oh yeah, check out the July INsite Magazine for Frederick's article on the best of local music!

A response about being all you can be that failed to show up in last episode:
" As a former member of our Army (whose presence, if not allways it's
actions, have preserved our freedoms (including the right to say
anything you want) for the last 200 or so years) I take great offence
at your statement that the US solder is not tough. I challenge YOU to
get up at 5 AM, do 2 hours of PT (physical training), and then work a
10 hour day. And that's if your not in the field.
As far as Vietnam is concerned, those solders were involuntarily
drafted, not like the volunteers in today's Army. Also, the outcome of
that conflict was due not to the conduct of the solders, but due to
the lack of concrete goals and the micro management of the war by the
administration then in office."
degenerate HBG

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