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After a lengthy read I boiled down degenerate Dawn Marie’s report on Drag & Con to one quote, “I had a good time at this , but was a little disappointed in the lack of parties and alcohol. I had spent way too much money as well.” If you’ve been to Drag & Con this probably sounds VERY familiar.

In other entertainment-related news:
"I loved that ED WOOD movie and I particularly liked that scene you described
(especially the concluding line in which Orson Welles -- played by Vincent
D'Onofrio, BTW -- says, "Why spend your life making someone else's
dreams?"), but the blunt historical truth is that the crack about Heston is
total hogwash.
Heston was hired onto the project BEFORE Welles, and it was in fact Heston
who suggested/requested that Welles come aboard as the director."
degenerate GN

Cleaning out the In box here at the office I found we’d neglected several responses to important topics of the day covered in recent episodes:
"Worrying about that Clinton list is ridiculous. You could put one like that
together for any public figure who's over 50 years old. Live long enough,
work with enough people, and you're bound to cross trails with plenty of
associates who die -- one way or the other -- before their time. It's rather
obvious, if you think about it.
BTW, This has been hotly discussed for over two weeks now in the Obituary
Topic on Genie."
degenerate GN

"Clinton met JFK and months later...dead from a "sniper"
His own mother...died just months into the whitewater scandal of supposed
Pope John Paul I ...had heard of Arkansas
John Lennon...was from England and drove through Oxford when Clinton was a
"Rhodes Scholar" he's dead
Chris Kristopherson.....alive but part of the Rhodes Scholar conspiracy
with Clinton, that whole Amerika thing was a ruse to make us think that a
"New World Order" takeover by UN troops was a stupid idea.
Fact or make the call"
degenerate GP

Yeah, I promised a biggun, but instead I got a big sinus infection so you’ll have to settle for a small pair of ear plugs. I know it’s a big dissappointment but you’ll have to keep a stiff upper lip and go on with your life, no matter how much it hurts...
I mentioned a while back in an article in INsite magazine that one thing I like about the local scene is how it’s often undiscovered. This week was a prime example of this phenomenon.
Thursday The Titanics did the usual fabulous set of stripped down ice breakers. The place was half full, as the optimists would say, with smiling fans. The aforementioned sinus infection and the life of a workin’ man forced me to flee before the 45’s got on stage.
Friday The Star Bar had many of my favorite local shining stars on stage, with yet again only about half a room full of shining smiles. The half a room that was not there missed The Mouthbreathers humor metal, including a short Journey into the 80’s.
Jennifer changed from jeans to a skirt and from bass to guitar for the Catfight set. A few more smiles trickled in the door and were greeted by the Catfight cover du jour - Joan Jett’s Hate Myself For Loving You.
17 Years did a long set of short punk tunes, a few of their own, a few covers, a few new, a few old, and all fun packed with passion.
The weekend was reserved, against my will, for my mucus membranes.
“He’s brilliant...
or he’s a fool. One or the other.”
Walter Mathau, from Couch Trip

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