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Had a wedding to go to this weekend. No music report really, except
to say wedding music sucks. The DJ has to cater to the musical tastes
of everyone without upsetting anyone and it turns into a celebration
of top 40 mediocrity.
Or is that radio I'm thinking of?
Eh, nevermind.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Atlanta music awards are coming
again, the most unimportant awards since your high school yearbook
Most Likely To....
But if you care you can vote online at
In other online news degenerate JD of Truckedlic writes:
Also, for those of you that are into MP3 files (audio files, mp3
player is neccessary, you can get one at for
free, try Music match4), we have a site with downloadable songs at I am in the process of putting our entire first album up on this site
"Live at the Star Bar" as we have sold out of this & it's no longer
in print.

We got this report from degenerate TN:
A report from Wednesday StarBar
When I came through the door, I was told that the
cover was five bucks this time, perhaps to cover the
cost of the 'free' Young Antiques CD that they handed
The first band, Wonderlust, came on to a fairly empty
room. As a band they weren't too bad. But they were
one of those "three song" bands, that pretty much
pulled everything out of their bag in the first three
songs, and settled into comfortable repetition for the
rest of the gig. Good crunchy guitar sound, though,
and every song was staccato picked, ala Fugazi. Good
at what they do, but kinda pointless.
The next band, The Flinch, came out of the gates with
a lot of potential. Two guitars, differing styles and
effects, dual harmonized leads, some good vocal
harmonies, a drunken spastic front man. Sounds pretty
good, eh? Somehow they managed to stink up the place.
Actually, they had two front guys: one (the spastic
one) looked like a shorter, balder, greasier version
of Andy Kaufman's foreign man; the second lacked
flavor altogether--as bland as a white boy gets. All
the songs seemed centered around hackneyed adolescent
love themes, The chorus to one song was, no shit: "I'm
almost over you". Wasn't that a Debbie Gibson song? Or
was it Amy Grant? I don't know. Anyhow, whenever the
drab white boy would sing a song, you could just see
the energy drain from the place. And when you lose a
crowd, itís hard to get them back. If they just let
the drunken front guy carry the show, theyíd probably
be on to something, otherwise, I doubt Iíll do
anything other than flinch when I see these guys take
the stage. Excellent drummer though, great range and
Unfortunately, they drove me out before the Young
Antiques went on, but I had already seen them before
(good stuff, like a cross between Nirvana and Tom
Petty), and seeing as how they are hosting for the
entire month, Iím sure Iíll get my fill. On the whole,
even though the bands werenít great, it was a
refreshing break from all the early 60s go-go stuff of
the past two months. Sorta reminded me of the first
residency with Ultrababyfat, who brought some
interesting bands in tow.

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