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Hit the Walmart before the wedding for some beverages only to be
nearly repelled by CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.
Remember when we were kids and you could look forward to Halloween?
Then that long weekend of Thanksgiving? Then a couple of weeks later
maybe you'd think about Christmas. Two weeks of anticipation and
finally it was there.
Now it's back to school, back to Christmas.
Thus we renamed the holiday for our purposes - Consumass - a couple
of years ago.
So if there are any retailers out there I want you to know your
efforts have resulted in exactly the opposite of your desires.
Instead of buying more, or buying early, I buy less. I have to start
avoiding the mall apparently in early October now, when before I'd
get my fall wardrobe about then. So I'll be ordering my wardrobe
online or by mail through any outlet I can find that is not done up
in extreme red and green tackiness.
Meanwhile, happy birthday #6000000000. That's right, we, the people
of earth, have topped the 6 billion mark. Personally I think we use
about 5 billion fewer but obviously my efforts haven't made a dent in
that number. So if anyone wants to volunteer to get sterilized I'll
give 'em a free Degenerate Press sticker. Same for anyone that wants
to off themselves. The UFO will be coming to pick you up and take you
to a better life! Really! Just make sure you're wearing your official
Degenerate Press sticker, warmups, and Nike tennis shoes, the
official suicide shoe of Degenerate Press!

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