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Friday we hit the Star Bar only to find the joint near empty. I
occasionally forget little details like Braves Games and Oscar Awards
and other long, dull televised events of no importance. In
anticipation of the post game crowd, Jack Black waited until pretty
damn late to climb up on stage. But they were well worth the wait,
whipping out a long, hard set of heavy duty rockabilly. Their
signature tune G.TO. stuck in my head for three days - I know a CD I
gotta have for my upcoming road trip to Graceland!
Blacktop Rockets followed, a shade softer and more swing-dancin'
friendly. Skirts twirled in the back of the bar while heads bopped in
front of the stage and the whole living machine just kept on into the
night until everyone was out of gas.
Sunday I stumbled across an unexpected gem - The Corruptor has just
been released on video, starring Chow Yun Fat in his first English
Speaking role and one of them Walberg boys in an action thriller that
has some very nice plot twists. Highly recommended.

Last week I got this from degenerate TN:
Just wanted to let y'all know that the once 3 dollar
Wednesdays at the Star Bar, are now 5 dollar
Wednesdays. They started out, by the way, as one
dollar Wednesdays. What's next? "10 dollar
Wednesdays"? It's the old bait and switch, and whether
it's on a car, a boat or music, you end up feeling
taken advantage of. I was in the habit of going most
every Wednesday precisely because it was a reasonable
priced product--if the bands sucked that night, hey,
it was only three bucks. But now they are depending
upon Pavlovian response. Why fuck with something
that's working? Why create a successful concept, then
take away the main reason why it was successful?
Musicians are not rich folks, and it's hard to shell
out those extra bills for cover.
C'mon guys, don't play us that way.

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