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This weekend marks the annual protest of the School of Americas down
at Ft. Benning, for those interested in stopping U.S. trained
terrorists. 10,000 people are expected but the more the merrier! For
info check out
No, I don't think closing that base will make one bit of difference.
I believe the government will always be training such types of forces
whether we know about it or not. And this isn't nearly as big an
impact as arms sales by U.S. companies and the government.
In other espionage news CNN has in interesting story:
It hints at the ways corporations are basically spying on you to
increase their profits. Sure, they've been doing intelligence
gathering all along but the sophistication is moving forward with the
sophistication of your products.
Basically you might as well admit it - everything you do, say and
write is readable by anyone with an interest. And with so many
competing companies out there EVERYone is interested...

The staff is headed to New Orleans in mere hours. A full report next
episode, if we've recovered enough to send it!

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