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Wednesday we hit the Star Bar for the last Titanic Wednesday. I
arrived just in time for the opening act, Bully. Joel, sound guy and
doorman at the Star Bar used to be in Mulberry Street, a sorta hard
rock act with growly vocals all about misery and heartache. Bully is
more of the same and it's damn good. Excellent song writing.
National Anthem followed. You can easily picture these guys in their
mid 70's Chevelle with Molly Hatched cranked, fishing in the floor
board amongst the Bud empties for the AC/DC tape. Old school heavy
metal with a southern edge and some seriously badass harmonic guitar
Titanics came on with a completely new lineup, only Brandon in the
lead from the original group. And they've added a guitar and a bigger
drum kit for a slightly less stripped down sound, but otherwise the
sound remains the same. In fact, I think I only heard one new song
and it's been a year since I'd seen 'em. It's still good stuff, I
just hope there's more coming.
Due to excess beer and food at degenerate SW's Turkey Recycling Party
on Friday we didn't make it to the EARL for the Songs for Benjamin CD
benefit but by all reports it was a good show.
Saturday we returned to the Star Bar for the return of Truckadelic.
Back Checks from Raleigh Durham opened, hard stuff that had a rolling
sound like Bo Diddley, led by an incredible likeness of John Belushi,
complete with epileptic-seizure-like thrashing around stage. John
Dunn said "Y'know I saw these guys at a warehouse party in Raleigh in
1983. They've been around a long time." It was their first Star Bar
appearance and they were obviously having fun.
Truckadelic came without any limbs covered in casts. Billy's ankle is
still a bit tender and John's shoulder got tired by the end of the
long night but they're pretty much 100% back in form. Another swell
set of country fried punk insanity.

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