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I've heard a FEW tales of y2k eve plans but VERY few. C'mon, I KNOW
you guys have some ideas. I can keep 'em off the record if you ask,
I'm just getting the brainstorm cumulating.

Rumor has it one of the Fiends Without A Face did some fiendish
things to local celeb and critic Jeff Clark's face. We're awaiting
the gorey details and will let you know when we know what there is to
know, y'know?
In other Jeff Clark news this month is the first episode of Stomp and
Stammer that does NOT include a picture and/or mention of Catfight
and Jennifer Craft!

>I'm not writing to bitch but... just for one second, think about what
>and how you could affect someone if you WERE to "spike" a tree....
>That poor lumber industry lackey that is actually at the chainsaw at
>the time can, and most likely will take shrapnel from the grenade
>effect that is going to happen when the chainsaw blade contacts
>something of like strength... at that moment, when you endanger another
>human life, you move from humble degenerate, tree loving, nice guy to
>violent, dangerous felon... that is why it's a law... That poor guy
>with the chainsaw in his hand has about as much to do with timber
>industry land raping as you do with running the country... Dont take it
>out through means such as these you've described.. I know it can feel
>like a losing battle but, the only way to do it right is, write your
>congressman, your elected officals of all levels, other peoples elected
>officials and etc.. protest in ways that dont hurt people.. picket,
>hand out flyers (on recycled paper of course), or best of all, use the
>net.. you have a huge audience already, of people that respect your
>oppinions (or we wouldn't subscribe to your list... ), use the power
>you already have!! degenerate GR

Well I looked and looked and can't find a single report of anyone
being even injured due to tree spiking, much less killed from any
grenade-like effect. I'm NOT saying it hasn't happened, but I can't
find a report of it happening. I can find many, many pages that claim
no one has ever been killed or injured as part of an act of ecotage,
as such pracitices are labeled, including
However, it is safe to say countless people have been harmed by the
destruction of the environment. Do radiation, toxic waste,
destruction of the ozone, or acid rain ring a bell? And in the face
of that I'm supposed to hand out a FLYER?!? These guys are clearing
forests the size of a small country every day and I'm supposed to
PICKET?!? Fuck, they're lucky I don't send out a "How To guide to
Firebombing"!! If I ever hit the lotto I'm arming natives in the
Brazilian rainforest with AKs and dynamite!
Pardon me while I wipe the foam from around my mouth.
Back to reality, you tell ME who has the power? You don't think the
big business can trounce my pathetic flyer effort? Sure, I can afford
to hand out a few. How many can a paper company afford to print? How
many web sites can they produce with far more impactful messaging?
How many lawyers can they afford? How many senators can they buy? When faced with overwhelming opposition, guerilla tactics are
REQUIRED. How do you think the rebels beat the redcoats to take over
this land in the first place? With flyers?!?
Yeah, flyers that said "Take up arms, down with the oppressors!" I got yer picket line. Just wait 'till I hit the lotto...

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