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In case you've head your head in a hole the last 24 hours there's
some big riots going on in Seattle regarding the World Trade
Organization. It seems both left and right winged folk have a gripe
about 'em so they're either doing something right or everything
wrong. Depending on your stance about the globalization of capitalism
pretty much depends on which opinion you likely hold. Here's a report
from our Seattle resident reporter degenerate WW:
"Tried to go down yesterday afternoon, but bus service was canceled. The city is definitely trying to hinder us from going downtown. I support most of the protester's causes and I very much support blocking the meeting, but I don't support the rioting. It's been crazy. I could hear the mobs of people walking up my street last night. Lots of protesters are staying in my neighborhood - four are squatting in the empty house next door. I'm going to try to get downtown this afternoon. Unfortunately the weather has been shitty too - it's been raining hard for three days. Maybe people won't want to move here now."

More details as they're available, but it gave me an idea on how we
can stop the absurd influx of yankee yuppie suburban scum into
Hey, international representatives, did you know we have full nude
stripping here in Atlanta? Oh, and remember the '96 Games, weren't
those great? I'll offer the services of my futon for your poorer
represtentatives, free of charge, just hold the next WTO meeting here
in Atlanta, capitol of the New South!

Meanwhile, welcome to the last month of the century. We've been doing
all sorts of research and budgeting in an attempt to find that
perfect End of the Century party and have pretty much settled on
Clermont Lounge. That way when we have grandkids and they ask "Where
did you spend New Year's 1999 Grandad?" I can say "At the sleaziest
strip joint in town getting my face slapped by Blondie's big breasts,
where else??" Besides, it's close to home in case the shit hits the
fan and we're too broke and low on vacation days to get anywhere
exotic. So if you're looking to spend New Years with Degenerate
Press, as many of you have done for over a decade, contact us for
carpooling and meeting arrangements.

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