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Thursday we hit Dottie's for some pre-Christmas cheer. Hardly a
creature was stirring but a few folks were out and about. I chatted
with some of the Dottie's regulars and soon The Indicators started
up. I hesitate to give a negative review to those who have been long
time subscribers, but as one subscriber noted "You tell it like it
is. You're not afraid to stick it to your friends."
Indicators were pretty bad. Often off-key and sometimes out of synch,
they definitely need some more rehearsal time. And the drummer's
occasional tunes as a lead singer were... well... dreadful.
Literally. After the first two I dreaded another. I thought maybe it
was me but the folks around me made similar comments without being
asked. Get back to the garage, guys!
Dang Dang Dang followed, a vast improvement. Typical garage rock with
some cool tunes. Rick, Dottie's regular from way back, is lead singer
and guitarist and birthday boy for the day so everyone was buying his
drinks faster than he could possibly consume them and remain standing.
After a bit I headed on to the Star Bar for the last half of Young
Antiques' set. Sort of geeky, whiny rock with a slight pop edge,
ready for radio. Not bad.
Then the unholydaze came and the looting, feasting and hours of
driving, the usual. Hope everyone got all they wanted 'cause there's
363 more shopping days until Christmas!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we've had a lot of interest in our New
Year's at Clermont plans so hopefully many of you "interested" will
yield a bunch of participants and we'll all have a ball as the ball
A) it's perhaps the weirdest place to close out any century
B) it's cheap
C) it's close to home
D) if the shit hits the fan it's a bomb shelter, and close to the DP
office, ammo and canned food supply
How many more reasons could you need? Oh yeah, there will be Kelly
Hogan, Palour, and all your degenerate friends too!!

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