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Saturday Degenerate Press staffers had to attend another wedding. I'm
not a fan of the ceremony, particularly when done in a traditional
style, so to make up for all the holy matrimony we spent most of the
night cruising strip clubs. The folks that own the Pink Pony and the
Palimino Club also own Club Anytime, who's popularity has declined in
the last couple of years. So they shut it down and are turning it
into another strip club, opening December 15. It'll be nice to have
one a little closer to the DP office, and they may be able to survive
with the demise of the crown jewel of local strip clubs, The Gold
Club. We'll hit the new club soon for a full report.
Meanwhile, Seattle has settle down after the WTO skipped town. I had
a late-week report I was gonna send about the situation, which had
grown to the absurd state. But then we got too busy to broadcast it
so instead you get a post-game BLASPHEMY from degenerate RVI:
I have yet another theory I'll put out on the Blasphemy page: The theory of world homogenization, whereby I argue that freedom (e.g. free markets, extreme libertarian decentralization, etc.) actually leads to an opposite end than the one its supporters believe it will; freedom, as a process, does not tend to produce individuality, autonomy, diversity, but rather conformity, enslavement, and homogenization. Capitalism actally restricts choice and aims to reduce everyone to a functional piece of its structure- capitalism only serves average tastes, desires, values and excludes every alternative as uneconomical. Mergers and the arrival of monopoly powers at the late stages of capitalism are signs of my theory's truth, just as the destruction of places and cultures in the name of "suburbanization" (e.g. expansion of bourgois life) and "creation of markets for products" (e.g. the replacement of traditional cultures by a homogenous list of products and sanctioned activities - drinking Coke or eating fast food at one's convenience instead of tea at tea time or group meals and the death of the attending traditional conversational forms [death of community]; driving instead of walking, passive pre-packaged entertainments over spontaneous, active forms such as story telling, self-made music, poetry, etc.).

I hope those damn protesters kick in the window of every fast food joint in
Seattle.- to show the general underlying discomfort with this anonymous "world culture" that is emerging and the corporate powers that are greasing the skids for it.

I will pay highly for anyone who will shoot the animator and/or voice
talent who do the hip-hop Colonel Sanders.

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