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Before we get into the meat and taters, here's an interesting little
appetizer supplied by degenerate ED:
I highly recommend you take this test if you are not up-to-date on
the presidential race:

For further surfing check out
Did I not just report on this? Which one of you is a CNN writer?
C'mon, 'fess up!

And we got a few responses about the animated Colonel Sanders: "The voice of the animated Colonel Sanders is provided by actor Randy Quaid. Please don't shoot him, okay? In 1979 I worked as his stand-in on the set of the movie THE LONG RIDERS (we wear exactly the same size hat, clothes, and
boots) and I found him to be a very, endearingly childlike person. Very much in life like the role he played in THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, Randy was only marginally functional as an adult. In the long run, this was much to his credit, as he's managed to mantain an active, steady Hollywood career while remaining well below the intrusive media radar that has bedeviled the lives of his brother Dennis and his sister-in-law Meg Ryan." degenerate G.N.

"I feel your pain. Sometimes I wish for the "hip-hop" Colonel to slip up and revert to "old-south cracker" Colonel (which had to be his REAL personality, since he was born during Reconstruction or thereabouts). Old-South Colonel: Well, well, well what do we have here? Some damn PO-ki-MON. This 'un's called Pikaninny and here's Jigglyboo. What th'??? What kinda slanty-Jap bullshit you kikes got me hawkin'. I fire the lot a you... ahem.. Anyway, come get 'em when ya buy my chicken, you darkie sons-a-bitches! I'd also like it if the Lucky Charms leprechaun started acting like Warwick Davis in those "Leprechaun" movies "Oh? Ye want my lucky charms, do ye, ye fookin' bastards?"" degenerate JT

Now strap yourself down for the main course. Here's the follow up on
the WTO from degenerate WW on the scene:

Sorry that I haven't written sooner. Nobody in Seattle could work last week, so this week is rather hectic. Well the WTO is gone but not forgotten. The city was definitely split between pro-protesters and those whining, "I wish those protesters would go home to I can go SHOPPING." Christmas shopping was obviously more important to some than the issues the protesters were standing up for. It was sad to see some nice old buildings downtown destroyed. Friday, the city was frantically trying to clean up before the big "shopping" weekend. They boarded any profanity-graffittied buildings, which was not pretty. The windows of Starbucks, The Gap and Niketown, which were smashed were boarded up, but unfortunately, it didn't look like it was slowing down their business. I refuse to give any of those stores any money, I wish more people felt that way. SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS! Unfortunately those big corporate retailers will recover from last week. I feel sorry for the small business-people who lost a considerable amount of revenue who may not recover. Merry Christmas! Not.

So for more on our capitalism Blasphemy:
An article about an artist in NY disgusted with the very same
homoginization (of Times Square, in this case) discussed in last

But degenerate PH disagrees:
By the way, your theory on capitalism is bullshit. People are homogenous and average because they CHOOSE to be that way. No one forces them to wear brandname clothes, eat at McD's, etc. That's what makes those who really are individuals stand out. What do you want, everyone to be the same? You may enjoy tea at tea time or story telling (or strip clubs for that matter) as entertainment, while others do not. I like that I have the "freedom" to choose what I want to buy, consume, and view, and it doesn't usually invovle drinking coke or enjoying "pre-packaged passive entertainment". Choice isn't restricted by capitalism. If you want to find something unusual or unique you have to seek it out in the smaller arenas. It's always been this way. Choice is restricted by the lack of desire to find something unique and interesting, to instead be satisfied with an average, "normal" existence. Most people just want to "fit in" with whatever crowd they run around with. Who are you to say that that is not right? It sounds pathetic doesn't it? But I beleive that most people choose to live their lives that way. But,it's better to choose it here than to have some communist or socialist government choose it for you. Ask the people who were starving in Russia, because their goverment chose their lives for them, how much fun their lives were then. How about all the people who risked their lives to escape Castro's Cuba? That "traditional culture" was so fun that many died trying to get the hell out of there. All I'm saying is that you should carefully consider the alternatives to this freedom that you so flippantly disdain. Personally, I like to make my own choices.

As you've probably read, we didn't want to throw our annual New
Year's bash due to the fears of being unable to compete with
everyone's grandeose plans for Y2K eve. But the closer it gets the
more we realize nobody MADE any plans. Everyone keeps asking us what
we're doing! It seems we're not alone. A recent ABC News poll shows
lots of folks aren't willing to fork out the big bucks for the high
dollar ticket big shows lots of places planned. For more detail on
that see'sBust_feature.html
Meanwhile, we WILL be partying like it's finally the fucking end of
1999 - at Clermont Lounge. In case you haven't noticed, we have a
profound sense of irony here so the Clermont seems the perfect place
to welcome the new century. Not to mention Kelly Hogan will be
playing. Yes, there are better shows but they're all overpriced and
the venues just don't have that special punch. So I hope you'll all
plan to join us there so we can keep that family reunion feel our
past 15 New Years have had.

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