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I got this from Liz, formerly of Boobytrap and currently working at Local Groove, a print zine about the local music scene:
“Hey I dig your site! It was one of the only sites I've found with good
local coverage and I'm gonna mention it in the next issue. I like that you guys have an all local music store...I'll mention that too!
FYI- I played with Boobytrap from Jan. 98 - April 98...their last days.
There is no more "Boobytrap"...there hasn't been since April 98 but I think that was supposed to be some kind of secret.
It's awful what happened to Karenlee and I don't imagine that a fourth incarnation of the band is possible anywhere in the near future. Me and all the other former members have new projects.”
If you're in Atlanta and have a TV and get this tonight there's a special on Muddy Waters on GPTV, channel 8, right now!

Degeneration Excerpt, the only paper zine worth the paper it’s printed on, is having a big “Fuck the millennium, let’s end it now” grand finale episode. Anyone interested in seeing their rant in print send it BY FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT. We’ll finish the assembly this weekend then decide who actually gets a copy and how we can get it to them since it may be too big to mail cheaply.

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