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Friday Degenerate Press reporters headed down to Variety Playhouse with guest passes courtesy of Album 88. Donna the Buffalo, no relation to Francis the Talking Mule, was on stage already, deep into the groove. We dodged the dancing hippies and found a corner spot to watch the show. The band was doing Grapeful Phishhead style jamming to a crowded house of unbathed tie-died white folk with dreadlocks who’s entire lives seem dedicated to resurrecting a Dead fashion style. Over the next hour they went through about three songs, each with a good 15 minute jam session slapped in the middle. If it weren’t for the washboard and accordion the music would have been completely Dead but despite their upstate NY origins it had some mild Cajun spice. Apparently we weren’t on the right mind altering substance ‘cause it got as tiresome as technodisco music after only a short while.
Local act Blueground Undergrass followed with more of the same, with a banjo and pedal steel instead of the washboard/accordion to give it a more bluegrassy aftertaste but we’d suffered enough and headed out after only a few tunes. Both bands are very good at what they do and now that the Grateful are finally really Dead there’s a niche to jam this stuff into. I just never thought that niche was worth a visit, and I definitely don’t want to live there.

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