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It was a long, long, long year here at Degenerate Press. We’ve kicked off ‘99 with ever-dwindling light at the end of the hard times tunnel - on the way to our annual New Years bash the Saturn Wagon’s transmission exploded. As you might expect, it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg to repair. As you might know, we’re not exactly rolling in extra arms and legs around here so if you’re looking for some amazing metal sculpture and furniture now might be a good time to make an appointment to visit our office!
You’ve already read everyone else’s year in review, since everyone does it before the year is over. But, since it’s too damn cold to leave the house, here comes another one:
We started ‘98 off with the usual insane amount of explosives, followed by a long night of dancing and degeneration. A big mess of degenerates turned out, despite the nasty weather, and everyone labeled it a smashing success.
Late January we got carjacked at gunpoints - three, to be exact. No, the police never found anyone. In fact, we were never able to reach the detective in charge of the case to correct the countless errors on the police report.
We’ve constantly updated the Ear Plugs page,
Last year we added photos and a nifty Flash menu!
We made alterations to our other pages now and then. (We’ve even started a Degenerates Abroad page but it ain’t ready for public consumption just yet.)
April Fool’s Day we played the usual pranks, and making the ruse of “selling out” more believable by getting our own domain. We got a few of you but most saw through. Thanks for playing.
Also in April your editor's sculptoral efforts garnered him an honorable mention at the Art of Recycling exhibit at City Hall. If you’d like to purchase some honorably mentionable works please contact us, we desperately need the money at this exact instant!
We had another fabulous July 4 bash, with Elroy’s Big Machine, and Drive By Truckers. A bunch of degenerates camped out at the Littleton Art Community and, again, everyone said it was a smashing success.
Your editor got space in Insite magazine, followed by smaller spaces in Creative Loafing. They haven’t silenced me yet, though they occasionally clip a sentence or three.
Our Live Action Joke Playing Game got a reworking and changed names to Just Foolin’. If things go as planned we’ll be at Chattacon this month running the first official con-sponsored tournament! However, the money/car situation may put a dent in those plans so, again, if you’re looking for some award winning sculpture or furnishings...
In October your editor was the producer of the Space Ghost site. It was a temporary gig that was a lot of fun for the two weeks it lasted.
The hell-a-day season passed and left us getting ready to light off the usual insane amount of explosives to send out the old and welcome the new year.
I’d like to thank those who’ve joined us in whole or in part last year. Times they are a changin’! As subscribers have read, our print zine Degeneration Excerpt is dying. February is our final episode! If you have any final words of wisdom for that effort send them in ASAP, we’re hoping to go out with the biggest episode ever.
After the Excerpt is buried we’ll be using the time and tools to build some new stuff! As mentioned, our travel page is in its fetal stage and that will get our focus, along with a print version of the same that, if I get enough interest, may contain a one page mini-excerpt with each episode.
Ear Plugs will continue to expand, with more photos and who knows what else! Stick around for another year, the last of the 19’s, for more music babble, more blasphemy, more prophesy, and more degeneration than you can shake a stick at!

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