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Another Wednesday, another day at the Star Bar for another Ultrababyfat night. The Ex-Mimes kicked things off this week. They’re anything BUT mute and it was hard to believe the breadth of sound that came out of the three piece. Minimal stage presence kept your attention on the sound, which would make excellent soundtrack music for horrific car crashes.
The 45’s were next, somewhere between go-go and grunge, but the grunginess probably came from the temp drummer and drunken bassist. The sloppiness didn’t take away from the show, however, it just added to the energy.
Ultrababyfat did a few new ones and a few old ones all with a temp drummer and temp bassist. Rumor has it their full-time bassist is back for this week’s Wednesday. Unfortunately it being a school night and all we couldn’t stick around and only caught a few numbers before it was bedtime, but the bit we caught was excellent as always.
Friday we took the van donated to Degenerate Press to get insurance and tags and to the shop to make it road-worthy, only to have it explode en route. So we caught a ride back to town and made it over to the Point.
Dr. Explosion opened up with a greatly exaggerated Spanish accent, “We’re Doctorrrrrr Explozione frrrrrom Espain.” before charging into 60’s go-go garage with an occasional surf number. They shifted from song to song, mixing things up with professional ease and chatting with the crowd between songs with snappy banter only somewhat prepackaged. They put on a heck of a show and the crowd yelled for more. Instead of more Dr. Explosion they got The Hate Bombs, perhaps my favorite band on earth. They recently added local boy Johnny Vendetta to the lineup and did their usual megaton explosion of music on stage, and often off it into the crowd. They didn’t quite have their choreography together with the new guy but the music was flawless. They said they have a new CD coming in April.
The Woggles stalled a bit before coming on, then brought the crowd up to the usual sweaty and shaking mass. Manfred always seems to put on a better show when the opening act has already kicked serious ass so he was in high gear from the first note. They did a few new ones and even had the teens in the crowd twistin’ the night away. Around 2 they called it quits and everyone lurked around waiting for the encore but none came and everyone filed out into the night, covered in sweat and smiles.

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In a story continued from last episode:
“what you deal with? i 've asked to be removed from your fucking list! i am
over getting e-mail about a goddamn band playing dotties for the 10th time
this year! & yet we open for a national act @ masquerade & you don't bother
to list us...even on nights you have nothing else listed! so fuck what your
dealing with,i thought it was a musicians forum,i was wrong, obviously! you
list every fucking lame ass gig in atlanta metropolitam area & leave us off!
i've asked for a year,
i'm over it & if you want to forward mail (that i thought was private) then
forward this..go fuck yourself asshole.
love richard,

So for some strange reason there are no Bible Belt Byproduct dates in this broadcast. However, we did get some other email:
"sounds like you people have been taking a lot of shit lately. i
appreciate you if no one else does. you kindly ran my psycho babylon ad a
while back (and no, i didn't name that band). i know alice of toy from a
previous ad of hers that i responded to and now go see her play when i
can. i'm not offended you didn't come see my new band, metroscene, at
smith's on monday. it's not exactly the sort of music i get the
impression you're into, anyway. one of my friends said we sounded like
"the british invasion meets weezer". ouch. not sure about that weezer
bit. (we're playing smith's again march 9 and the point april 27.) we're
looking into the gravity pub (from your classifieds) and if we play there
it will be 'cause of you. i found your ear plugs site very informative
before i moved here. i love the stimulants. one of these days i'll make
a hate bombs show. tell your detractors to fuck off."
degenerate JH
And we got our first ever piece of snail fanmail! Some kid in Pennsylvania plugged into the Ear Plugs site via the public library and wants to know if anyone knows where he can mail order CDs from " the bands that caught my eye (so far) are Ultrababyfat, The Titanics, Afros in Holland, Drive By Truckers and Truckadelic." If you know of a good mail order CD joint let us know and we'll write him.
"p.s. keep up the good work. The site is FANTASTIC." he says.

Degeneration Excerpt has been printed and will be mailed tomorrow since today is Lincoln’s Uncle’s Ex-wive’s Pet day or something.

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