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Wednesday was Ultrawednesday III, with Sightseers on first. I was dissappointed that The Titanics had been smudged off the chalkboard, but settled in for a band I hadn’t seen yet. Sightseers started up and didn’t exactly knock my socks off with their stage presence and, unlike some other local bands, their music didn’t do a whole lot to make up for it. Kinda Oasis light rock stuff with some blues or jazz riffs thrown in sparsely but few unexpected moments. Not bad, just not great.
The Ultrababes went on second. They did a few new ones with the usual spirit and their charm may come from the fact that they always seem to be enjoying what they do.
El Caminos went on last and chased away anyone not wanting to be deafened by massive hard rock sound. They dedicated one of the tunes to their departed member and kept it loud, hard and nasty as long as I could take it. If you like that kind of stuff you’ll love El Caminos. If you don’t, you’ll hate it and they’ll still be happy.

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