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Wednesday we headed down to the Star Bar for the first Ultrababyfat Wednesday. Ultrababyfat is doing every Wednesday in February at the Star Bar to try out new material. This time around Silent Kids kicked things off, kinda Weezer-ish rock with an electronic effects machine adding some interesting sounds to the mix. The lead guitarist had more pedals than they did songs so the sound is highly textured. They’re good at what they do too.
Hustler White followed. Every member of this band has been in one or more highly respected local acts but together they have a sound that instantly recalls a high school rock band trying to overcome a lack of skill with distortion and volume. With three guitars and a bass all blaring the result is a mushed racket that is fun for a few minutes but after a short while you’re ready for it to end.
Ultrababyfat came on with two members replaced by temps and they’d added a keyboard since I last saw them. I couldn’t believe the temps weren’t full-timers as well as they played and the show was fun, as usual. (My only complaint is that you couldn’t hear the keyboard - apparently it was coming out of the monitors on stage but not out of the speakers into the audience - you could hear it backstage but not out in the bar.) The new songs sounded great and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they’re NOT on 99suX, since there’s actually some talent and passion there.

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