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The improvements to the Degenerate Press web sites continue to flow fast and furious!
We improved the Ear Plugs menu again:
We’ve added a feedback page for your rants and raves about our reveiws, or about bands we’ve failed to review.
We got the beginnings of the Blasphemy improvements up:
Coming soon:
updated link lists for the above, as well as Electric Degenerate subscriber sites, a full page of CD reviews, a searchable archive of past ED episodes! Now how much would you pay? Well don’t answer yet, if you come to the Star Bar next Sunday the 21st you can also get your hands on shiny new Degnerate Press bumper stickers!

The unsubscribe command for this broadcast is “I won’t be at the Degenerate Press benefit at the Star Bar on March 21.”

Ultrababyfat got dropped by their label, but the news ain’t all bad. They’re headed to Austin this weekend to play the South by Southwest fest! If anyone else knows of an Atlanta act headed west let us know.
Meanwhile we got this report from a subscriber:
"Well, I figured out who Family Jewels was. They certainly aren't a girl
punk band as I had previously been lead to believe (which, considering
their name, is really too bad). They're not female at all. I asked them
before the show what kind of stuff they played and was told, "pretty much
straight rock: stones, dolls." They didn't lie. It was straight rock.
They did a few originals, but the part I saw was almost all covers:
"Revolution" (Beatles), "I Think About You" (or whatever the name of that
Guns n Roses tune is), "The KKK Took My Baby Away" (Ramones), etc. For
the one cover in our set, "Suffragette City" (Bowie), their bass player
jumped on stage and sang with us. In all, they do what they do well, with
a lot of energy, and seem to enjoy it. Plus they look like roadies for
the Rolling Stones."
degenerate JH

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