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I was at a wedding once in the hills of North Georgia that featured the bride and groom in Celtic garb, complete with Guinness on tap, a bagpiper piping, and chicken cooking on the grill. Degenerate DP surveyed the scene and turned to me to say “I’ve never heard of Celtic chicken.”
“Sure you have.” I replied.
“Chicken McNuggets!”
He promptly fell on the ground in hysterics. I didn’t think it was THAT funny but it illustrates the old “timing is everything” adage.
Happy Mcfuckin’ St. Patty’s day.

We were running around Little 5 putting up flyers for the benefit bash Monday when we stuck our heads into the Star Bar Spotlight night and didn’t get them out again until we’d enjoyed a fine set of semi-plugged stuff by Jeff Guiness, including a couple of old Dragline faves. John Dunn followed with a mess o’ new soon-to-be Truckadlic hits, then Jeff joined him and they did a set of their old Dragline stuff together. John tossed out leftover Dragline CDs for free (they were snatched up in K-Mart blue light special fashion) and they left the stage, despite the yells for more. See what you miss when you’re too slack to go out on a school/work night?

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