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Ciao, friends, neighbors, countrymen, your editor and broadcaster of Electric Degeneration is back in the saddle again, jetlagged and fragged, and we’ll be riding nigh on the heavens bringing you the full story on the two fun-filled weeks in lovely Italy next episode!
As you might guess, I’ve spent all morning deleting spam and trying to get to the mail that matters, including those from our viewers, so if we haven’t responded be patient or try try again.
Much of the mail we’ve received was a response to our annual April Fool’s Day prank.

>Hello from a reader :) Congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful
>position for you!
>I want to thank you for all the time and energy you put in to Degenerate
>Press. There were times when your list was the best thing in my mailbox :
>It reminded me that there is life outside work no matter how hard they
>might try to convince me otherwise. Your publication was always a
>guaranteed to elicit a smile & some great plans - Thank you for that.
>Grab a latte & grin over this next chapter in your life - I hope it goes as
>well as you dream.

We’d like to thank all the well-wishers, curse the nay-sayers, and raise a toast to those few that figured out the ruse.
As a result of that email, and a few other fuck-ups on our part, the office is in an utter disaster and it may be a few days before we’re back in full degeneration (in fact, we’ll be missing the usual Dottie’s tonight but will be back, with a vengence, next week.)

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