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Due to factors beyond our control it looks like there will not be the traditional Degenerate Press Summertime Blast over July 4 weekend at the Littleton Art Community and Party Emporium, since we no longer HAVE the Littleton place.
In addition, July 4 weekend is Drag On Con which, despite my repeated warnings, many of my viewers will be attending.
However, degenerate TJ has offered to host the bash at his farm, just a bit North of the former Littleton farm. So we have a location! Today’s pop-quiz is: does anyone else besides me want to have a party with barbecue (pit-cooked pork), beer (some good, some mass-market), bands (yet to be determined), a degenerate sportsman’s club meeting (before the festivities), and, of course, explosives??
If so, you gotta fight for your right to party by RESPONDing. This fuckin’ bash has been a HELL of a lot of financial and emotional stress, as well as a HELL of a lot of fun but I don’t want to organize it all for my lonesome so let yer fingers do the talkin’!

Every year we print our list of recommended acts for Music Midtown, since the schedule is dense and it’s tough to choose sometimes. So, as part of tradition, here’s my Music Midtown Recommended Schedule:
Head over to Dropback Inn for Slim Fatz. Or if you’re more of a rock’n’roller head to Dottie’s for Moonshine Killers, The Squares, and X-Rays.
At Noon head to City Hall East to join in the pot fest/protest march to Piedmont Park where there may be music and propoganda.
Have a late lunch somewhere far away from downtown.
Later, head to Echo Lounge for the Junkman’s Daughter Fashion Show with live music by Super X-13 and Lust.
Sunday relax, have a brunch, go to the park or something. Later head over to Northside Tavern for Stoney Brooks, Lee Griffin Band, and free jambalaya.
“What? That’s not Music Midtown!” you say?
Exactly! The festival is worth the MONEY, but it’s not worth the CROWD. So, since every yupster in town will be packing downtown for the fest, you and the rest of the tasteful can enjoy a show elsewhere!

A lousy thing happened on the way to the forum, to Danny Mudcat:
We played St. Simons Island this past weekend...and Sunday morning at the hotel on Brunswick....we got ripped off BAD. I had four guitars stolen: Acoustic Gibson LGO made of Mahogany w/DeArmond soundhole pickup, A small Kay acoustic 'cowboy' acoustic w/DeArmond pickup, an ebony wood dobro made by National called 'the Estralita (only 40 made!) and my lime green 40's Kay lap steel. My drummer got all her cymbals ripped off, the bass man lost a cabinet, my percussionist lost two irreplaceable congas and the damn Mudrite washboard! They even took my hat! and my ancient Pakistani cuspador from which I derive my powers!!!!!!! Help! please spread the word..... I believe
the will try to sell this stuff in Jacksonville or Atlanta.

We finally got around to putting the Degenerates Abroad site together, a bunch of tales and links for those nomadic degenerates out there. Check it out:
As if that weren’t enough we updated the link list for the Blasphemy page:
Swing by and add your rant!
Is it me or has this spring been really weird? Every time I think it’s gonna be warm it gets cold. Every time I think about planning the opening ceremonies at the Temple of the River God I have to close the windows and crank up the heat! Well, requests for a schedule for the Brotherhood of Flippin’ Idiots have already started pouring in. My answer is - how big an Idiot are you? Or, how brave are you? Sometime in May is my best guess.

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