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And what a bunch of fools! Our "intern" has been
checking the mail at the office and apparently caught a
shit storm of people who fell for the annual
"Degenerate Press has ceased to be" April Fools routine
we play every year. Many of you may fondly recall last
year when we "sold out to Stomp and Stammer."
Thanks for playing!
Meanwhile, I really am in Italy. The weather is
fabulous, the wine is marvelous, the sights are
indescribable and it has only begun. We are headed out
of Rome on Saturday, since the Catholics are pouring in
for Easter. We will send reports when we return to Roma
next week sometime.
Meanwhile, our loyal intern may do an email to keep you
updated on events in Atlanta you should see and thanks
for not checking the date when you read your mail.
Love and laughs,

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