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I got my Italian pedestrian mentality going and walked to Little 5 Points Saturday night. It’s not the distance (a little more than 2 miles maybe) so much as the yeah-though-I-walk-through-the-valley-of-death feeling that prevents me from walking that route after dark more often. But, as you know, the Degenerate Press vehicle died last December but we wanted to get out and about anyway so we braved the countless panhandlers in front of the liquor store, hustlers in front of the gay bar, and scantily clad young girls on their way into numerous neighborhood parties to get to the Star Bar.
Katy was assembling her birthday party and blowing out candles on her cake as I settled in. The Vendettas got up on stage, the two girls in sequined go-go attire and tiaras and Johnny in a sequined shirt, and charged into their hard, fast rockabilly ala The Cramps meet Velvet Underground. Buffy shook her sequins and sneered with perfect New York attitude while Johnny wrecked two sets of strings with his machine gun playing. Stuff like this makes me thank God for the birth of Chuck Berry.
The wig-wearing ladies of loudness Catfight followed with their usual good stuff, including a few new numbers. I don’t think there’s another band in Atlanta that can pack the bar with so many friends and family. It was like some kind of family reunion with a band.
El Caminos stepped up and chased away 3/4 of the crowd with their very heavy metal. Not everyone is still (or ever was) a headbanger so only the loyal few stood up front chanting along, fists in the air. They’re damn good at it.

Degenerate Press has a vehicle again! I’d like to thank those that offered suggestions and offers out of our price range, but some guy with two black eyes down in Cabbagetown let us take away his ‘79 Mercury Marquis for $600. Now we just gotta wait for the next paycheck so we can afford insurance and tags...
So if anyone wants some metal sculpture cheap contact us. We’re about to do some rearranging and spring cleaning so it would be prime time to schedule a visit to the Degenerate Press Office and Gallery.
Opening ceremonies at the Temple of the River God next Sunday, May 30! You’ve got Monday off for Memorial Day so there’s no worry about the hangover but don’t forget to buy any required alcohol in advance due to Georgia’s lack of separation of Church and State.

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