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We did some research and begging and wandering and finally found a location for the annual Degenerate Press summertime blast. Thanks to degenerate TJ! If you enjoyed the many previous versions we’ve had, you’ll like this one. If you didn’t enjoy it you either weren’t there, or shouldn’t be at this one either ‘cause it’ll be much more of the same - a backwoods beer bands barbecue bash! July 10, Saturday 2ish until Sunday AM, camping space provided. More details as they arise.

Last week was the first Kenny Howes & The Yeah Wednesday night Star Bar show. Opening was a couple of other local acts starting with Young Antiques. I can’t seem to find my little notebook in which I wrote down the details so I’ll just give you the gist - not much good, ended up sitting in the downstairs bar watching TV. 60 Cycle Hum followed, I went back downstairs to watch The Simpsons. Kenny Howes didn’t get on until around 12:30, by which time I was pretty beat, but they did a fine job of holding my attention with the power pop rocks stuff they do very well. I’ll be back this week ‘cause for $3 it’s worth taking the chance.
Speaking of cheap shows, Saturday we headed over to Grant Park to catch the free outdoor play Cyrano de Bergerac - more than worth the money and you get a relaxing afternoon in the park too. They’re doing it through the 16th, 11 AM weekdays and 2 PM weekends. Take a picnic lunch, but leave the dogs at home.

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