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A bunch of Star Bar regulars and other degenerates go to Starlight Drive In every Tuesday for something they call Drive In-vasion. Some drive their classic cars and set up living rooms right in the front row. Sounds like a blast and this week it’s Austin Powers! Degenerate Press staff will be there ths week. They usually meet around 8:15ish for setup. If there’s time we’ll do our usual Dottie’s afterward, followed by a trip to the Star Bar for booty shakin’. Join us or perish in boredom.

Your editor has officially left his post at Creative Loafing. There are just too many cooks in that stew so your editor's voice was constantly drowned out in the din. However, don't despair! I didn't just up and leave, I was already writing for the competition over at Atlanta Press (formerly Poets, Artists & Madmen) where I have more room, a much friendlier editor, and an easier deadline so pick up that rag if you want to see my name in lights, or at least on pulp.

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