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Just for kicks we're printing a letter to the editor OF ANOTHER MAGAZINE! Partly because we'll print anything, partly because we don't like that magazine's editor, partly because that editor won't print it, and partly because we got nothin' better to run this episode:
If youre going to print my letter and comment about it, I believe you owe me the courtesy to print the WHOLE letter and not some edited watered-down version with partial sentences and missing words. Is this Stomp and Stammer or Readers Digest? Im not quite sure.
And yes, I did indeed personally ask Catfight! to appear on "No Y." They asked me to lower the price especially for them because they obviously felt they were WAY BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER FEMALE BANDS in Atlanta. As a result of that and the issues I spoke of in my last letter, they never appeared on the release. If Catfight! actually did appear on "No Y" at a different price than everyone else, your point would be valid and in that case, Shut Eye would actually be to blame for the heinous crime of cutting slack for a few bands. But, thats not what went on here. I find it so interesting how you rush to the aid of the kittens in distress. Is that because they appear on David T. Lindseys Worrybird Records? And isnt David T. Lindsey a writer at Stomp and Stammer?!?!?! Wait a minute, doesnt David T. make Catfight! pay for a wholesale portion of their records too?!?!?
For future reference, if you must do investigative reporting as a pitiful attempt to beguile Shut Eye and its respected position in the Atlanta scene, please go to the source for the facts. Ill tell ya what, why dont you go to a music store, purchase our entire catalog of compilation CDs and use the contact info provided to get in touch with all of the bands to find out what theyve paid to appear on Shut Eye compilations. I assure you that youll get the same reply from each and every one of them per release, except for those bands whom we have signed. Theyre freebies and if we cant afford to put out an entire full-length CD for a band we really like, well give them a free track on a comp. What can I say? We're evil sinners.
I also find it interesting that when I sold ads for Stomp and Stammer, the magazine praised Shut Eyes co-op compilation concept as "an idea that can work" in a 1998 article written about local labels. Now that Im no longer an ad salesman or an ad buyer with Stomp and Stammer, the magazines view of Shut Eye has done a bit of changing. Are your panties in a wad because I choose not to advertise in your substandard music rag any more? I know thats money outta your pocket and all, but I didnt hear you bitching about bands paying to appear on our compilations when a portion of that money went directly to you for ad space in Stomp and Stammer. You obviously put your mouth where the money is. Thats one reason why I left Stomp and Stammer. Its hard to sell something when you cant possibly believe in it or support it.
I dont totally hate you or the magazine, but your negative attitude does absolutely nothing productive for the Atlanta music scene. Ill tell ya this, pal Shut Eye Records is going to continue pumping out fantastic compilations, promoting bands we love and busting ass to make sure Atlanta gets proper recognition for its musical art. Were easily going to outlive Stomp and Stammer: "Jeff Clarks last ditch effort as a rock journalist" and were going to carry with us the ethics that have made us such a successful, positive and respected entity in Atlanta music. These are morals you can not even possess, or let alone imagine.
I'm over this little piss fest. Its been fun and all, but I have a label to run. Its obviously a waste of my time and energy to keep setting you straight. 
Assertive and loving it,
Pete Knapp, Shut Eye Records

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