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Friday Degenerate Press reporters arrived late to the Star Bar, missing the first act but catching almost all of Fiend Without a Face’s set. The three guys all wore face paint or stocking masks while cranking out a surf rockabilly country hard-rock electric guitar stream-of-consciousness that would have been excellent had the lead “singer” not been purposefully incoherent - he yells and babbles “lyrics” and abstract racket into the mic, distracting you from his utterly amazing guitar playing.
Rent Boys followed, the lead singer done up like Robert Smith from The Cure, so I expected some kind of 80’s pop cover act but found instead a late 70’s early 80’s era punk band throwing in a few Clash covers. The not-Star-Bar-typical crowd loved it and a mini-mosh pit broke out and beer cups were flying and sweat was dripping and often someone would fall onto the slippery floor, only to be pulled up by the grinning bystanders. It had been quite a while since I’d been to a punky punk show and, as degenerate DC said, “That was just what I needed.”

After last episode's letter to Jeff Clark from a subscriber we got this response from degenerate KG, member of Catfight:
Pete, keep us out of your little arguments with Jeff. You know that
Catfight doesn't think we are "WAY BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER FEMALE BANDS in
Atlanta," to quote your email. We didn't want to pay to be on your comp
Yes, we buy Catfight cd's from Worrybird--now that we have long since gone
through the 100 copies we got initially for free when the record came out.
That's $500 worth wholesale, and yes, we did pay for our recording. Get
your information straight. The other comp we were on recently sent us 20
free copies of the release and then we could buy more at $5 a pop. No comp
has ever asked us to pay up front in order to be on the cd. If we were
asked to buy cd's to sell later, it was after being given 20 or more
initially FOR FREE. That is why we didn't want to participate on the No Y
comp--we get asked all the time to be on comps for free, why would we pay to
be on one? We considered it though, because we thought the cd had a bunch
of great people on it. We certainly didn't think we were "better" than
anyone, and you know it. I also heard from someone in Lust that you tried
to charge them $500 to be on the cd--does that mean you think some bands are
better than others? Why would you ask Catfight to play $250 and ask Lust to
pay $500? They turned you down too, I understand, because that price was
ridiculous. Quit dumping this shit on Catfight. If Jeff rushed to defend
us as you say I am sure it is only because we were THE ONLY BAND YOU SLAMMED
IN YOUR EMAIL. We have never done anything to you, we always thought your
label was cool, we were super bummed that we couldn't find a way to come up
with the money to be on your comp. Now I am glad we didn't. Please leave
us alone! You told me in earlier emails that your argument was with Jeff,
why don't you keep it that way?

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