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Here's a report sent in from another satisfied customer, degenerate DC:
Hey dude; Star Bar Report from Saturday. You know about Mike, only caught
his last song, bummer because it was excellent; then Kelly Hogan came on;
actually went to see her special since you rave so much; she had convinced
Chris Lopez (Monday at star bar) to join on stage as guitar accompainment;
she was divine; would've loved to see her when she was in a band; she was a
little awkward and beautifully shy; seemed a little shocked when we wouldn't
let her leave and apologetically came back up to the stage and said; "well,
we only practiced seven songs" and then proceeded to belt out a number whose
name I was going to remember so I could tell you but i didn't and even
recruited one of the lovely ladies of the Blacks to help do back up.
The Blacks were the surprise of the evening for me. I liked them so much I
bought you a CD too (remind me). I'ved decided bands with multiple sings
definitely have the edge and bands that play multiple instruments in
multiple way are doubly good. Bass player singer was both graceful and
angry; she was tall and blended in with the bass at times; had a sweet low
voice and yet could bring out the angry scream; she even brought out the bow
and played it like a cello on several numbers; and played the harmonica on
another number; lead boy/guitar singer was joe beautiful swing daddy; kept
the mic low so he could lean into, grabbed a trumpet everynow and then for
some brass and wandered through the audience on one song and swooned the
girls; other girl guitar had that adventurous heather beauty about her; high
cheek bones; cute butt; and a way with the eyes and smile that made you know
she could be baddd if she wanted; they blended great; nice variety; the
drummer was cool too because he didn't even try for the rockabilly look; he
was a shiny shirt mix between mick jaggeresque 60s heroin and animal from
the muppets; he rocked! and hair flew and he was basically enjoying himself;
all in all an a list band that I will watch for and would even travel to

Invites for our big July 17 bash are printing at this very moment. If you’d like to attend you WILL need an invite. No, not because it’s an invite only kinda thing, but because it’s in the boonies and you’ll need the handy dandy map on the back! So send us your snail mail address and we’ll ship it to you ASAP.

It’s been raining for fuckin’ ever, we have out of town guests, been working on invites, other big news to come. Point is there ain’t much new this broadcast, we’ll make up for it next episode with our post-Drag On Con report - that’s right, weeee’re baaaaack. We got free tickets so we’ll head down there and make fools of everyone and dodge security until they kick us out, or we get bored and go out drinkin’...

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