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The Degenerate Press’ press is ill - the machine from whence this broadcast normally comes is down so we’re sending this from a remote location in the backwaters of the Highlands. Sorry for any weird formatting or ads from Yahoo at the bottom, but we’ll be back in the virtual saddle in a day or two. I also apologize for those that want to be desubscribed - I can’t do it until the Press is back up and running so just hit that ol’ delete key and be patient. And I apologize for those that sent stuff to be included in this episode, it’s locked away on a machine that won’t fuckin’ boot so sit yer butt down and be patient like the rest of us!
Now back to your broadcast, a day late and a dollar short.

>Subject: take me off
>Don't take it personally, but your newsletter usually is pretty >negative about almost everything. I still like ya and all, but it >depresses me.
soon-to-be-ex-degenerate GT
Geez, I thought I positively gushed about much of Bubbapalooza, as well as the last many shows I’ve been to. In fact, the only serious negativity lately has been due to my ultra-dissappointing Star Wars experience, an experience shared by thousands judging from all I’ve read and heard. But if Lucas bashing scares people off, so be it.
By the way, I still like ya and all and will continue to rave about your efforts in your band too, whether you’re a subscriber or not.

The latest word on Degenerate Press’ July 17 Backwoods Barbecue, Beer and Bands Bash:
When last we caught up with our hero things were looking mighty grim. Due to rescheduling to July 17 The Ditchdiggers had to abandon ship.
But wait! What's that on the horizon? A new hope! The Ditchdiggers strike back and now we have the Return of the Ditchdiggers!
As if that weren't enough, we've added a new menace to the series - Degenerate Press would like to thank Silent Kids for joining the cast!
So, in case you haven't been paying attention, the confirmed lineup is:
Danny Mudcat
Silent Kids
More details as they arise. Don’t be a fool and make other plans.

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