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Jeff Clark must by crying. Jennifer Kraft is engaged.
In other sad news, Kevin Rej says the Mouthbreathers will be doing their last show, sometime in August or September. “We’re gonna give away ALL the t-shirts, to anyone that shows up. It’ll be Catfight, and 17 Years with their original guitarist for that one show only. It’ll be a clusterfuck, in a good way.”
All this news, and more, was heard at Echo Lounge Friday night. I arrived right on time for any other club in town, 11ish, but for Echo I’d missed the first act! I’m not complaining, I prefer an early show, I’m just warning my viewers out there - get their earlier than you may be used to.
X-Impossibles got on stage, every one cross-dressing. The girl with the chest hair and beard was particularly funny, but the guy in the Catholic school girl uniform was the cutest, particularly later when he ripped it all off to show his pink chiffon panties and pasties. It clashed very badly with the Clash covers, and mix of punk and metal that is the X-Impossibles. I hadn’t seen them in a couple of years and they’ve improved 1000% since, though I’m half deaf after their set.
The place was steaming, obviously the AC was not fully functional, when the Hate Bombs climed on stage in their usual suits under the heat lamps/stage lights. Johnny, from local garage rockers The Vendettas, still isn’t 100% with the band, missing a note or two and occasionally getting caught in the crossfire of Hate Bomb choreography, but his machine gun guitar makes the sound just that much more explosive and edgey. Eventually they couldn’t take the head and threw off the sportcoats and ties and climbed onto the speakers for some trademark leaping about and too soon the show was over.

Our machine is back up! In other news, we should have A) a car, B) with insurance, and C) with tags by Monday! Now we just need some cash to help stop the massive oil leak and we’ll have transportation again! If you’d like to contribute to this effort contact us, will trade award winning metal sculpture and furnishings for cash. In fact, we’ll sell just about anything around this joint for cash!

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