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Friday night we headed down to the Star Bar to hand out invites for the big bash. Conveniently, Mandorico was playing, a band that we’ve been meaning to see since they send us their too-short CD a while back.
It’s the Buckhead set invading the Star Bar that night. Hopefully it’s not the recent Cosmo that has the joint packed with guys in The Uniform - button up shirt, leather belt, khaki shorts, leather shoes, and vapid girls with big hair and excessive makeup. Hopefully the band is the attraction for this crowd and they’ll be back at the Dorkhouse or Smith’s for the next show.
The band dives into the mix, and what a mix. A bed of ska, smothered in salsa, with a side of hip hop pop that positively smoulers, pops and flares occasionally to inferno, back down to a warm glow, only to flare up again. Excellent stuff.
Only one problem - white boys trying to dance salsa in the crowd.. I can speak from experience, it takes a LOT of tequila before a gringo’s hips losen up enough for that Latino beat to work its magic. The 2 PBRs I watch the yuppie boys drink (that they only drink because they’re in the Star Bar) don’t have enough punch.
(And Ricky Martin can go screw himself livin’ La Vita Mediocra. It really bothers me when I start liking something and some wanker comes along making it popular and suddenly the next summer everyone’s on the bandwagon and I look like just another fool in tow. But long after Mr. Martin is gone and forgotten I’ll have my Latin Playboys CDs...)

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