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Ho boy. Where to begin?
First off I’d like to thank degenerate TJ for allowing us to assemble at his swell, pastoral setting. Hope the goats have recovered and the majority of the jello shooter containers and blown up fireworks got picked up.
I’d like to thank Silent Kids, Ultrababyfat, and The Ditchdiggers for a fangoddamntastic day of musical entertainment.
Thanks to degenerates JM and FC for the incredible pig. I think I’ve gained 10 pounds for life.
Jiggly thanks to degenerates DB and PM for more jello than anyone had room for, inspiring many “I’ll never eat jello again” quotes the morning after. Nobody was up for a little jello of the dog either.
Thanks to degenerate DC for helping purchase and haul the beer.
Thanks to mother nature for a wonderful afternoon, not too hot and no rain (at least not up there, sorry for those fools who were scared off by a few drops elsewhere!)
And, of course, thank all of you who showed up! Yet again, I can’t believe what a fuckin’ fabulous time was had. By Sunday morning I was covered in dirt, sweat, pork grease, jello stains, firecracker soot, sweating beer out every poor, ears ringing, every muscle complaining and a smile from ear to ear.
I’d like to curse those of you who didn’t make it, and those of you that made it but cut out before the cleanup effort. Most especially I’d like to curse the fucking roosters at the joint and next year we’ll be having barbecue chicken in addition to the pork, even if I have to wield the axe myself...
I’ll leave you with my favorite quote of the weekend: “Johnny, will you get my mother high?”

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