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After your editor’s first 40 hour work week in 5 years I was tired. Add to that the between paychecks poverty and some social chaos and I was down and out in general. Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name, or at least your face, so I headed to the Star Bar.
Country is not the music to lift your spirits. You might raise a few spirits yourself in an attempt to lighten the mood, but the music won’t do it.
“Nothing like a depressant to cure depression.”
Lenny, from The Simpsons
Greta Lee got up in a purty red dress and did a fabulous set of tearjerkers. Excellent, as always.
Downstairs Mike Geier is hyping the Elvis Death Day show, as if the joint doesn’t sell out every year for the event. “It’s our chance to have fun.” said the owner.
Back upstairs The Damnations from Austin, TX, are cranking out a fun mix of country and rock, with a side of banjo from time to time. They were pretty good but the highlight of their set was their version of Gloria which they phoned in to some web site that was doing 24 hours of Gloria from all over the country. They followed that with an X cover that had everyone jumping. Good stuff!
I got this from degenerate JH:
>Hello, and welcome to the police state. Metroscene was supposed to play at
>the Dark Horse last night. The Dark Horse cancelled us that afternoon. The
>official story from them is this: The police have been getting complaints
>about bands tacking flyers up all over town. Somehow, the "Metroscene at the
>Dark Horse" flyer elicted enough response for the fuzz to cruise by the Dark
>Horse. The cops said they didn't know who the hell Metroscene was, but they
>sure knew the Dark Horse. Some sort of pressure was applied, something to do
>with fire code violations or underage drinking. Thus, we got booted off the
>bill. I don't know what exactly is going on, but people may want to be
>careful where they put up flyers. It is technically illegal in Atlanta to
>post flyers on public property.
Anybody else had any run-ins with The Man about flyers? We're curious as we occasionally post a few ourselves.

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