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Sorry for the delay in your mid-week broadcast of Electric Degeneration. It's too damn hot to sit in the offices of Degenerate Press and crank this thing out.
Speaking of, I'd like to know how one dies from heat. No, I don't want a technical medical explaination of heat stroke, I want to know how we as a society can say there's 50 dead in the U.S. and it's because of the heat. When you look at WHO actually died I can't help but put the blame elsewhere. A 77 year old man alone in his apartment? That's not the heat, he just wore out! I can see him thinking "I'm tired. Time to check out." A few others fall over when they insist on getting out and cutting the grass at 3 in afternoon when it's in the 90's in both temp and humidity. That's not dying from the heat, that's death by stupidity!
Evolution works.
Speaking of stupidity, no, I was not shot in Buckhead today. In fact, I wasn’t shot anywhere. (My “real” job is not far from the incident, but not withing shooting range.) But as soon as I heard about it taking place at a brokerage I couldn’t help but joke, “Dammit, you promised me an 18.5% return on my investment!!!” BLAM BLAM BLAM. At least it’s given the media something else to devour after the whole Kennedy feast.
OK, I know the angel on your shoulder is aghast, but the devil on the other is chuckling, isn’t he?

We got a response to last episode’s flyer report:
>At the risk of sounding paranoid, I have to wonder if someone "had it in"
>for Metroscene and specifically complained about. Although it is illegal to
>put up flyers I have only heard of one person getting busted for it--but
>they did get a ticket and a fine that was quite substantial. What a drag
>for Metroscene . . .
degenerate KG

Reports from our Backwoods Bash are still trickling in, this one from Stu
of The Ditchdiggers:
>Sorry for the belated thanks for the most awesome party experience in DD
>history. We all had a fucking blast. Especially the Platoon/Private Ryan
>firefight scene that the fireworks provided us during our set. To date,
>that has been my fave DD show because of it's surreal, drunken quality.
>Thanks again.
>I know we beat it out of there like bastards on the run, but we were
>smack-ass drunk and weren't prepared to be much drunker without a hotel or a
>tent. There was no way my wife was sleeping in the car...hahaha! Hell, she
>was sober enough to get us to Helen where we caught my buddies last song,
>chugged a few beers before they kicked us out and we scampered back to
>Atlanta. Arrived around 4:00am. A good night to remember. Next year I'm
>bringing a tent...whether we play or not, I'm coming. The pig was awesome.
>The jello shooters were death. I watched Chris down about twenty of those
>gooey masses and then after our last song he just disappeared into the
>darkness. His girlfriend found him laying in the road! Prior to that
>someone saw him walk into a fucking tree. Great party.

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