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We got swamped with Point theories, memories and moans. Here’s a ecclectic sampling, much like the patrons, staff and shows of the former Point itself:
>It's really too bad about the Point. There can really never be enough rock
>clubs. Every band is hungry to play and the Point served that need well. Not to
>mention, there were some decent folk involved with the place. I wouldn't be
>surprised if someone opens up some piece of shit high energy dance club, swing
>bar, or cigar martini shit. Fuckin' too bad. I'll miss 'em...hell, they
>provided me with one of the most fucked up feelings I was to ever experience as
>a musician...the feeling of just wanting to fuckin' go home 'cuz I didn't have
>tits or couldn't breath fire...but we went on and played after Nashville Pussy
>I mean, how the fuck do you follow that?
degenerate JO

>My favorite Point memory?
>Being 15 years old, sitting outside on the sidewalk dreaming of the day I'd
>be old enuf to hang in the coolest joint in town. And then slapping down
>$50 to a Druid Hills HS student to make me a fake ID that I used by age 16
>to enter the hip spot which lived up to all my expectations
>another memory: sitting with an ex-loser, I mean ex-boyfriend, who puked
>all over one of the tables upstairs and no one even batted an eyelash
degenerate ED
>about the point...chris, a.k.a "idiot of the decade", let the liqour license
>for the point lapse, when he went to renew it, it came out that he had not
>paid taxes for five years. so, this not only means the demise of the point,
>but the stein club as well - what an asshole! the stein was one of the
>first bars i ever went to, and have continued to go for years - not only
>that, but now my ex-wife and her best friend are out of their only jobs!
>thanks a lot chris, have fun paying the man...
degenerate BB

>In '92 or '93 when they were closed down due to the owner's legal problems
>stemming from Cotton Club alcohol related drowning in Piedmont Park,
>there was a small article in the AJC that said closure was due to The Point
>"being cited by authorities for operating a dive."
>That was classic.
degenerate SG

> Dear Editor, To be honest with you, I have talked to Trish and Kevin and they both said the same thing in regards to why the Point closed "It's been for sale for a long time now", though Kevin added "they have 2 weeks to sell the place and change names," whatever that means.  I know that the place has been bought and sold a few times before, and though there are rumors that the place will just go through another change of ownership, mostly everyone is pretty certain that the Point is really gone this time.
>The Point will be missed. As far as alternate venues, yes, there is the Echo Lounge (who yes, did get a substantial amount of Point business).  However, I am going to recommend 9 Lives.  As a former employee and "family" of the bar, I have seen it grow up.  I will concede that we had our problems when we first opened, in fact an unnamed member of the Point said that Little 5 is a Punk place and they would shut us down.  Since then, however, the ownership has relaxed and has adapted to the Little 5 ways and has made more friends and begun to prosper.  At 9 Lives, we get national as well as local acts (similar to the Point) and Ted Lathangue, the band director, has a great ear and knowledge of music, as well as being respected in the music community.  Though 9 Lives may seem outwardly as a Glam/metal bar, the attitude fits any genre and we have regulars of all kinds of characters.  We are all sad about the Point closing, as the employees there were our friends.  I do not recommend 9 Lives as the next big thing just because I am associated with the place, however.  I have a strong loyalty to the L5 community, and as I see the East Atlanta scene beginning to prosper, I fear that L5 will lose business as a result.  I urge people to continue to patronize the L5 community and keep it alive and kicking.  The Point was a backbone and now that it's gone, we have 9 Lives as the rock bar.  And if you don't like the environment as is now, give it time.  I promise it will grow with you.
degenerate LW

Thanks for all the Pointless Sentimentality!
As for 9 Lives, yeah I'll give it a chance IF THEY'LL SCRAPE THE FUCKIN' PAINT OFF THE GODDAMN WINDOWS! It makes it INCREDIBLY uninviting and is the only reason I stay out of the place.
Meanwhile, we'll be at our usual haunt, The Star Bar, often, Echo Lounge on occasion, Dottie's every Tuesday and sometimes more, and life will go on. I already miss The Point, particularly when I start constructing this broadcast - feels a bit thin in the Prophesy without it. But I'm sure when I want that quick beer and pinball game in the back bar this Friday before I head elsewhere is when I'll really shed a tear.
degenerate X

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