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We arrived at Dottie's for another Battle of the Bands on Saturday as
a girl was moaning out Smiths tunes while a guy played keyboard.
Morrisey is more than mopey enough, but her sad crooning, the dark,
oppressive heat and smoke of Dottie's, and a silent, perfectly still
crowd was more than enough to chase us out to the back porch where
Steve was rolling a joint in between tokes off the pipe making the
rounds. His previous plans for Oregon have been changed, he's now
headed for Florida to manage a book store in training for a regional
manager position, "Out of the music biz after 22 years." he said with
mock glee.
Some of his friends showed up, "We've practiced twice, gonna play
once." he beamed, talking about the Microdots' upcoming set of Cure
songs. The moaning woman inside called it quits and Steve and the
other Microdots moved in to get set up. Steve played bass for the
brief set of "best of" Cure songs done very well for guys that had
only practiced twice, and in some cases just met, that afternoon.
They even had matching Microdots t-shirts and stickers for the
Another act set up for the counterattack of Smiths, running a video
of a Smiths concert while they sang the songs that make the whole
world sulk.
A few bands had canceled so the crowd was forced to vote early and
chose Morrisey as their fave. We couldn't take the heat any longer
and headed to the Star Bar for better air conditioning.
The doorman lets us slip in for free since it's late and he knows us.
The Subsonics were still up, shaking the crowd with their
garage-a-go-go. A guy in a sequin tube top and ragged pink cotton
jockeys danced around the back of the stage swinging a whip around
while the drunken little gay boys in the front of the stage took
their shirts off and sang along with every song. Not your typical
Star Bar fare, and a welcome change. The rockabilly regulars sulked
in the basement, but maybe they were just down there enjoying the AC.
 The Subsonics called it quits and wouldn't do an encore despite the
crowd howling for more. One of the little gay boys was literally
crawling on the floor in an effort to reach the door while I and one
of the Ultrababyfat guys watched and chatted about the Backwoods Bash
and other degenerate events and I'm thinking "Oh yeah, THIS is why I
moved out of the small town I grew up in."

"Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner.
Sometimes I feel like my only friend is the city I live in."
from Red Hot Chili Peppers' "The Bridge."

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