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Friday night the Star Bar was kinda empty and the ratio of Buckheads
to Rockabillies was pretty high. But Tift Merritt, a purtly little
girl, got up and did purty little country folky numbers that had
everybody cheering. Or almost everybody. The Buckheads prefered to
chatter loudly, laugh, and completely ignore the show they'd paid to
get into. Ah well, at least they had fun.
Tore Up! did a set of country covers that had the regulars hopping,
then Two Dollar Pistols did an amazing set of ol' school country,
including a few duets with Ms. Merritt.

I asked for some reports from our viewers and got a sampler platter:

My fake beer was cold at least while I watched Raoul finish his fifth Schlitz tall boy. Why he was here, I couldn't tell you - I'm a professional hermit. Like the song says: "There were lots of invitations I'm sure you sent me some But I was waiting, waiting For the miracle For the miracle to come."
Leonard Cohen
So why anyone might visit me is a mystery.
"It's yer great wisdom," he belched through a jaw full of liverwurst sandwich.
"Yeah, and your grandma's ass smells like a petunia."
More Schlitz, more liverwurst, more belching.
"So, what about that new Star Wars film?" he said.
"What'd ya think?"
"Well, like degenerate x said a few weeks back, no emotional depth. And it was disappointing to find out that the Force is a virus."
"Mmmmm. Anything else?"
"Yeah, actually. In spite of all the flaws, I enjoyed it. I just sat back and when that Jar Jar freak appeared I said to myself, 'y'know, this film's made for a ten year old kid - not a cynical
thirty-three year old man who's become an overeducated shithead.' In
short, I guess I just 'used the Force,' I just leaned back, let the stupid film happen and simply experienced the so-called mythic framework without rationally questioning the content..."
"Shut th' fuck up and eat yer sandwich."
"Yeah, o.k."
"Besides, in light of the recent gun-worshipping, greed-mongering incidents, who cares about whether Star Wars One is 'meaningful.' And since I am, in fact, an overeducated shithead, I sure as hell wouldn't want it to be the LAST thing I saw or did before becoming dead meat."
"I'd want me a piece of ass."
"You'll get liverwurst and like it."
And the night rolled on.
Degenerate RVI

Saw the Lizardmen, StarCollector last night at the Star Bar. Is it just me, or have others had their fill of 60s retro go-go kitchy superpowerpop units? I mean, for Christ's sake, the Beatle were cool in their early garage band era days, but man, they moved on and so should some of these other bands. The first few retro bands were cool and all, but, let's have some progression. This isn't attack on the Lizardmen or StarCollector, they do what they do very well. It just strikes me odd how uninventive the press darlings are currently. Lest someone accuse me of being purely negative, I did see a very interesting band a few weeks ago--Fiend Without a Face, great chickin-fuzz guitar playing, a stand up bass, topped off with a scuzzball image that just can't be faked. Far more off-the-wall than the name would imply. Bravo! degenerate T

I'd like to thank all those Old Navy ads for showing me exactly what NOT to wear for the next year.

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