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Degenerate Press' staff finally got enough oil in the Mercury Valdeze
to hit the Tuesday night Drive In-Vasion down at the Starlight Drive
In on Moreland. It was a Star Bar crowd gathered for the In-Vader
organizer Sue Ellen's birthday, and the film Mystery Men. A few beers
and a little breeze kept the heat and humidity at bay while the movie
kept me laughing almost non-stop. If you like The Tick or Flaming
Carrot, or find super heros a bit on the pretentious side, it's
definitely a film for you.

Apparently The Man is none too pleased with local's efforts at self promotion:

Please dont mention our name but we have also been cited by the Atlanta Police department regarding flyers on telegraph poles. The call apparently came from downton police to the Varity playhouse regarding our show there. The club was also sent a letter - indicating they would be fined $1000 for the first flyer and $300 for each thereafter. The police are realy cracking down. I get the impression that the pressure is put on the club as the flyer are advertising the club mnore so than the band. We have had to go out and take down all our flyers - There apparently is another band invloved as well. degenerate IB

And not everyone agreed with a report broadcast last episode about
the retro music scene in Atlanta:

Regarding the letter from degenerate T printed this past week: There are many bands that make up the Atlanta music scene. A wide variety of styles is represented, including various types of "retro" bands (not just 60's, but also swing, rockabilly, country, etc). These bands play music in a style that originated in the past. That is what they do. Some of them pride themselves on having as authentic a sound and look as possible. The crowds who enjoy going to see them play do not expect them to "progress", that is not the point. I am as tired of seeing Austin Powers everywhere as the next guy, but if you don't like 60's/70's retro groups then don't go see them. And if you prefer groups that show some "progression", what were you doing at the Star Bar in the first place? That is kind of like going to Tattletales and saying, "Is it just me, or has everyone else had their fill of seeing strippers all
the time?" By the way, has anyone seen any real "invention" from
any local bands lately, "press darlings" or otherwise? If so I would love to check them out. degenerate LB

Wow, I got so much stuff I'm actually having to save some of it for
next episode! Thanks for the massive feedback and distortion. Keep it

A joyous weekend of sweating in the shade. actually, I found myself
sick of driving around in my F150, covered in pollutants and bird
crap so I mustered enough energy to wash and wax the
ole'dear....After sweating for a good 2 1/5 hours at my homestead
working in 90+ degree weather, listening to Friends of Dean Martinez,
the Sadies and 16 Horsepower (yep about 3 CD's worth of sweatin'), I
found my job uncompleted and well in the need of a vacuum.....oh no.
the dreaded Car Wash. off I went.
I cautiously drive in knowing the set up. Twenty-Thirty guys buffing
and waxing their hot rods, tunes cranked in distorted speakers,
lyrics about bitches and hoes.....I pull up, attempting to look as
bad-ass as possible ( ha ha ha), cranked loud was Alejandro Escoveda,
I believe the tune was crooning something about being drunk and down
walkin' round my bed........had my head up high...ain't no one
messin' with this girl today.....
SURPRISE, no in and out. No "can I git ya numba" or
"let me get ta know ya betta"....yes, lines I have experienced at the
car wash....imagine that? It was actually a rather cool short life
experience. I think there is something rather interesting about car
wash culture. Maybe where you live is different, but in SE Atlanta,
the Car Wash is a sacred ritual for a lot of the neighborhood hot
rods....I found it very interesting to be physically placed amidst
this foreign environment, the fumes of gasoline mixing with car
deodorant, background music ranging from rap to some sort of mexican
horn ensemble.... geez the ethnic make was good. No one
bothered me, actually just some friendly howdy-doos (or what's
ups...) I have found a new appreciation for the local car wash and
it's community action.........and I have to say, a favored event for
methis weekend was going to the car wash....
degenerate MB lives down south of East Atlanta

"And sometimes the boss don't mind if you act the fool."
Rose Royce, from Car Wash

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