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Friday I hit the Star Bar just in time to catch the last half of Iron
Chef. Only the Japanese could create such a freaky television
extravaganza and if you have the food network check it out, Fridays
at 10. Amazing.
Catfight kicked off the live music with the usual gusto. The joint
was hopping and smiling but the main attraction was yet to come. 17 Years' original lineup climbed up and did a really really tight,
really really good set of strait up punky rock. The crowd LOVED it
and I can't believe these guys aren't out touring and making the Big
Time right now. Instead rumor has it that may have been their last
gig. They gave away all their excess merchandise, CD's, vinyl and
such and walked off without so much as an encore despite the crowd's
screams for more.
Mouthbreathers hopped up for a set that would be their last "unless
the mayor meets our ten demands" posted on the wall behind them, from
returning Crazy Lou's Skate Shop in Little 5 to recognizing Gene
Simmons' Bar Mitzvah as a national holiday. They charged into a swell
set of metal mayhem, stopping between songs to talk to the mayor by
phone and cheer as he agreed to their demands one by one. But by the
end of the night there was one demand the mayor couldn't meet - to
get that hippie lead singer from the Black Crowes to bathe. So
Jonathan smashed his guitar on stage, Kevin threw out a handful of
45's and t-shirts and they stormed off.

"People seemed to like our song
They got up 'n' danced 'n' made a lotta noise
An' it wasn't 'fore very long
A guy from a company we can't name
Said we oughta take his pen
'N' sign on the line for a real good time
But he didn't tell us when
These 'good times' would be somethin'
That was really happenin'
So the band broke up
An' it looks like
We will never play again..."
Frank Zappa, from Joe's Garage.

Saturday some roving reporters tried to catch Jucifer at Echo Lounge
only to find the joint locked up. However, they weren't sure they'd
found the right place due to their inexperience in the neighborhood -
anyone got the real scoop on that show?

Yo Fellow degenerates, just wanted to let you know that we're not afraid of Y2K, that's why Truckadelic is headed south for the end of the world. Thought you may want to post the following web site:
Seems like the Truck is packing up for News Years Eve to spend a few nights in the barrens of Mexico....sounds crazy, but 1. I like to Bass fish, 2. I speak Mexican & Spanish, 3. I figure if the power goes out, big deal, mexicans are used to it anyway, 4. great, western civilization fails and I get to spend my lifelong fantasy playing Robinson Carusoe (sp?)on the beach with a surfcasting rod and some brown skinned honey bun.... 5. Nothing happens, I meet some ditzy hippie chick from Arizona and return to Atlanta by the 4th to a warm City complete with Georgia Power and Natural Gas.... so if all this sounds plausable, please let the degenerates know about the site and who knows, maybe some of those true Hedonists are crazed enough to brave the Rio Grande Valley for the 1st... Chow mein degenerate JD

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