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Fox's new show Action is fabulous. Cursing, prostitution, drugs,
Hollywood, Disney execs in drag - you'd swear it was an HBO
miniseries. Thursdays at 9 (and I can't believe they get away with
putting it on that early, even with the disclaimer at every
commercial break.) First new show I've laughed out loud at in a long
time. Catch it before the church groups take notice and start calling

Friday we hit the Cotton Club a little after 11, not late for the
usual Atlanta start-up time, and still had to pay the full $10 cover
though we'd already missed the opening act Greta Lee. Very annoying. Big Sandy had already started, Western swing rolling through the
joint as smooth as can be. He toasted the crowd between numbers and
complimented the amazing dancers that had cleared the center of the
dance floor. Just about the time I was warming up to the whole
experience it was over! Last time I saw Big Sandy at the Star Bar I
practically crawled out of the joint around 3:30 and they were still
going strong. At the Cotton Club they took a break around 12:30, then
came out for a couple more tunes before calling it quits. I couldn't
believe how short a show it was and left sorely dissappointed. Saturday I was almost convinced that fall isn't such a bad thing. The
weather was utterly divine and I hope if you were in Atlanta you got
the hell out of your house. Candler Park fest had better attenedance
this year and everyone was smiling when the bunch of 6 year old girls
starting dancing to 6X, amongst the other excellent live acts at the
park. Vedado was the only act I hadn't seen before - vaguely familiar
90's flavored rock with a sax to add some spice and some very cool
tunes. Definitely recommended.

There's what sounds like a cool production of Faust at 7 Stages that
has been reworked with a technological bent. Call 404/523-7647 for
tix and such, through October 17.

Here's a report from a subscriber:
I'm old enough to remember when disco ran live bands out of clubs in ATL, so I went into Nomenclaure Museum Wednesday night with scepticism locked and loaded. Having to drive 40 miles, I have a simple rule: "If nobody's Playin', I ain't Payin!!...I don't care HOW cool your crowd is!!!" I don't know about the cover (2 guest lists!), but the beer is a little pricey ($3
RR). A bright spotlight made the Stimmies drum kit look really large and
spread out on a tiny stage. A blown horn (we give you BOOM BOOM loooong
time!) on the right left the vocals a little clipped and fuzzy on the high end untill the sound man adjusted. Sue needed the monitor she didn't have for some of the solo string guitar parts, but she didn't lose her cool. It helped that 80% if the people there came out for their friends. If anybody had snickered, they'd have got their ass kicked. Wait a minute, I was talking about a high class place, wasn't I??
I must confess that I don't notice (most) drummers unless they screw up badly (or are hotties!). I've seen Nillah play with maybe 5 different drummers in the last 2 years. I always thought they sounded good. They fired one drummer at the state line on the way back from Auburn a few months ago...OK, I'm joking. Greg and Eli have played together for 6 years so I guess they're real picky. But they are so comfortable with the new guy Jeff, they really Rock! This was their third show with him and it was another leap forward.
After the bands, they cranked up the dance mix, but lo and behold, it wasn't obnoxiously loud! The place is spread out/compartmented, the bartenders friendly, all in all, fairly laid back. But it was only a Wednesday, so take your chances on a weekend...NOT!
degenerate SK

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