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It's fucking fall.

Slim Fatz no longer does Tuesdays at Northside Tavern. Seems he was a
temporary bartender when one of the regular bartenders was sick, then
a temporary janitor on top of that and the stress between being those
and the Tuesday night special wore on the relationship until it
boiled over, "'You'd better fire me before I quit' I told 'em." said
Slim. He's got other gigs coming up, however, so stay tuned.
Meanwhile, here's a response to last episode by degenerate JB who
plays in the Greta Lee Band:
Dear DP Editor,
Friday was frustrating for us too. First let me say, the Cotton Club always treats us great. Michelle (?) the Mgr. was terrific. Yeah, it's a nice stage, except for the "wall" that's supposed to keep the riff-raff from messin' with my peddles, I guess. A separately run monitor booth right off stage is mighty handy. And what oft ignored percussionist doesn't enjoy the stratospheric drum riser? When we realized that we actually had to go on at exactly 10pm, we had to make some quick phone calls to our very dearest friends. (Sorry!) We started to a pretty empty house, except for those dearest friends (and not all of them got there in time) and a few Big Sandy ultra enthusiasts. By the time we were done it looked like a nice crowd of folks and we were very happy with, and grateful for the response, but quite a few of our paying fans missed part of out set. We were told ahead of time but you never know when a start time will or won't be strictly enforced. Believe me, I usually think that most Atlanta clubs have their music start too late. But on a Friday workday, and since the CC doesn't serve food (thank God!), a 10pm start means people barely get through with dinner before they have to run to the club. There are problems unique to the Cotton Club: they don't know how to mix/eq country (with the help of Fly Rite Drummer Bobby, we were able to lessen the CC's usual RAWK sound of thundering kick and bass), they always seem to be "training" a sound person, they don't serve Maker's Mark. But to me the worst thing about the CC is their use of 'Brown Shirts' that begin their sweep of the club as soon as the music's over? You'd think that since the club is still selling its over-priced drinks, they'd let us enjoy some afterglow, even if the club does limit the headliners time on stage. How do we (bands and patrons) stand up against this fascism? My f-word
(fascism) rant for the week.

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