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Did everyone have a great ZZ Top Day yesterday? Bill Campbell sent
some croony with a proclaimation to Wherehouse Music for the ZZ Top
live performance. No, I don't think he could name a single ZZ Top
tune either. No, I don't think he won any votes from the white trash
assembled for the show either. But it was around the corner from work
so a couple of us walked up there for the event, and to check out the
cool hot rods in the parking lot. There were five or six impressive
old machines outside. Inside were several less impressive old
rednecks mixed in with a few office people who could slip out early
and a smattering of other folk awaiting the show. ZZ Top came out and
did a few oldies, a couple new ones and hyped their show before
beating a hasty retreat.

Meanwhile, I've been hearding ressurected rumors of the Cotton Club
block being torn down, as well as the Backstreets and Stein Club
block. Anybody got the real scoop there?? I'd hate to lose any of the

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