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THE END IS NIGH! Thursday is 9/9/99 - 9999 is often an end of file
marker in database programs so there is a little pre-end-of-the-world
end of the world paranoia popping up. I'm not concerned, but December
31 is a different issue. With a lot of experience in the computer
world I can tell you the end of the year WILL bring some chaos with
it. It wouldn't surprise me if 911 fails, power, gas, etc. all are
flaky come the new year. Even less surprising will be the apocalyptic
morons out to end the world because it's the end of the world but
that ain't stopping me from finding a good time.
Problem is I ain't found one yet.
This will be the first year in - what? - 14 years that Degenerate
Press will NOT be throwing the New Year's Eve Bash. No, not because
we're worried about losing power or any other inconveniences but due
to the loss of our traditional venue and the knowledge that we can't
compete with everyone else's plans. SO I'd like to hear some of those
plans since I haven't come up with nothin' my damn self yet. Contact
us, and let us know if you want it kept off the record!

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