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DEGENERATES ABROAD, and other tall tales
We got the illustrated version of the Spain trip online:
Also, check out the new and vastly improved Ear Plugs:
We reorganized stuff so it's easier to find. We've grown so much that our original design just didn't work any more. Let us know what you think!
Speaking of ancient Degenerate Press efforts, we've had ONE, count 'em ONE, vote FOR the traditional Degenerate Press New Years Bash. But one man does not a party make. If I don't hear a clamor of interest by the end of October I'll find something else to do.
And a couple of weeks ago degenerate LK put a shout out to resurrect the degenerate billiards league meetings on Mondays at Dottie's, then promptly canceled. Since then we've heard other murmurs of motivation from interested parties so RAIN OR SHINE (I suppose that should be "SNOW OR SHINE" at this point!) MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 the DP staff will return to Dottie's. If anyone else shows up perhaps we'll get back in the habit. If not...
Speaking of, Rick Dang has assembled a web site for Pink Torpedo, the folks handling the booking at Dottie's:

Here's an interesting message from the Ralph Nader camp:
"In at least three-fourths of the country, and perhaps as many as nine states out of ten, a vote for Ralph Nader is not a vote for George Bush-it's really a vote for Ralph Nader. Here's why: the president is not elected by the popular vote, but by a majority (270) of the 538 electoral votes. These electoral votes are cast by state, and it's winner-take-all within each state. Thus, a Nader vote has no chance of "spoiling" the outcome for Al Gore unless it potentially changes the outcome within each state. The truth is, for 90 percent of the states (including the biggest ones), that's not going to happen So here's the test. If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, you live in a battleground state and you should still vote for Ralph Nader and tell your nervous friends that they should vote for their hopes and dreams and not their fears. If you live in any of the 43 other states a vote for Bush or Gore is a wasted vote because of the electoral college, and its winner take all system. Vote for Nader and send a message that we our not going to give up our government without a fight."

In other "green" news:
The GEORGIA CLEAN ENERGY, CLEAN AIR FESTIVAL will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2000 From 10:30 am-dark in Centennial Olympic Park. The Georgia Clean Energy, Clean Air Festival is a free, solar-powered, all-day festival with music provided by primarily Georgia-based artists and information presented by local and national environmental speakers.
10:30 T. H. E. Percussion Choir and the Emerson Drummers
11:05 Intro. of Earth Challenge Riders
11:15 Tom Nielson
11:30 Janet McLaughlin
12:20 Jennifer Nettles Band
1:15 Special Guest
1:55 Michelle Malone Stars
3:05 SPEECH (of Arrested Developement)
4:00 Parade to Degenerate Press HQ for the 70's Halloween Housewarming Birthday Bash.

Plans for our Halloween housewarming 30th b-day bash are slowing forming and it's looking like it's gonna kick major ass. We've assembled a stack of vinyl records for your requests, everything from KISS to Carol King. If you prefer, BYO7R - Bring Your Own 70's Record (yes, RECORD - those big, black vinyl things your parents owned) - and we'll slap that on the turntable and rock and roll all night, party every day. Or at least one day - October 28, Saturday - degenerate SW's 30th birthday party, the Degenerate Press editor's 33rd birthday party, and the DP Housewarming and Halloween party all in one night, all in one place - Degenerate Press' HQ. It's a costume event with a 70's theme so either dust off the bell-bottoms and leisure suits, or figure out some clever 70's reference on your own. Door prizes for best costumes!
Assuming the weather outside isn't frightful, we're gonna kick things off around 4 in the afternoon for the outdoor grill and frisbee fetishists out there, and for those who have kids/dogs they can't leave at home even for a couple hours.
As the daylight degenerates, so will we - we'll kick out the kids and kick out the jams (there was more to the 70's than disco!), suck down some beverages (various, but if you're a beer/wine/liquor snob you might want to bring your own), and surprise you with other eclectic entertainment. Contact us with your postal address for an invite!

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