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After doing party preparatory work all day Saturday, the Degenerate Press staff met a mess o' degenerates at your editor's favorite Mexican food restaurant, El Potro, for cheap margaritas and piles of food. Coincidentally, a couple of The Ditchdiggers were there (thanks again for the shot, guys!) and mentioned their work on an upcoming album.
Afterward some of us hit the Star Bar. We arrived at 10 and the joint was empty, so we hung out on the patio for more drinks. Eventually we slunk upstairs to catch White Lights. It's a strange, postmodern mix of 50's rockabilly/twang and eerie lounge music, including a violin and xylophone accompanying the usual big guitar sounds and minimalist percussion. It's tough to describe but if you're in the mood for something odd and different check 'em out.
Sunday the preparations continued with more decor arrangements and record sorting and such. We've mailed invites to just about everyone who asked for one so if you don't get yours by Monday yell, or check out the on-line version. They're not as nice as the print version, but they're passable:
By the way, I've gotten several degenerates requesting the traditional Degenerate Press New Year's Bash. I'll do some informal polling at the Halloween party and see if I think we can pull it off but it's looking like "If you build it, they will come." You might want to start looking into airfare, explosives, the usual. You've been warned.

According to the Ralph Nader web site, " Ralph Nader was denied entry Tuesday night to the campus of Washington
University by the Commission on Presidential Debates, despite the fact that he had a valid pass and was scheduled to be interviewed by WUTV, the campus television station. This marks the second time in two weeks that the CPD, in association with local law enforcement, has unlawfully denied Nader access to a university campus hosting a presidential debate."
I've had several degenerates say they'd registered to vote this election just so they could vote Nader. I'd like to that those, and anyone else that won't vote Bush or Gore!

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