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Saturday we donned the appropriate black leather for the too-cool weather outdoors and the too-cool crowd indoors at 9 Lives. We arrived near the end of a set by a band we think was called Edgewood. I'd seen a couple of the members before in other mediocre metal bands but not this particularly lineup, another mediocre metal band. Just nothing new and different about 'em. They all have technical skill but it's not used on anything interesting.
Syrup followed with their funky southern hard rock and choreographed high kicks. Their stage show is half the fun. "It's a gimmick, but it's a gimmick with a band that doesn't suck" said a degenerate next to me. On the other side of me was a degenerate who found the whole misogynistic tendencies of the lyrics to be offensive. But where she was only mildly bemused at Syrup, Gargantua got her panties in a wad, to be misogynistic myself. (And yes, I'm kidding for those of you who are getting your own panties in a wad at this review!)
Gargantua's fuzzy rumbling sound comes from two big bass guitars cranked full out, while a lone guitarist adds an occaisional spike of sound. The lyrics are as heavy handed as the noise, often explicit and entertaining as long as you don't take it the least bit seriously. In the long discussion about Gargantua afterward, I was reminded of a review written about AC/DC a few years back (unfortunately, I can't recall the author), "They're the logical end of rock. They are the living embodiment of the Peter Principal. They probably don't even know what that is. And if they did they'd probably make up a song about it, and it would rock."

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