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Thursday we sailed the Chrysler through the backwaters of Little 5 to Dad's Garage Theater. Having been raised in the theater, I've avoided paying to see one for a decade or so, but when degenerate CD called and said there was a play written by Graham Chapman, former member of Monty Python, playing in a small local theater for $15 I couldn't resist. Dad's Garage is about what you'd think when you hear the phrase "dad's garage." It's on Elizabeth at Auburn Avenue, in that little oasis of trendy restaurants and loft space. It's not much to look at from the outside, just a big garage. Inside, it's not much to look at either. The seats are possibly the most uncomfortable thing I've ever put my ass on, short of that yellow jacket I sat on once (and the throbbing sting of Dad's Garage's seats may last even longer.) But the stage set was nicely done to match the program's description, "London, 1977." Several of the pieces would've fit nicely in the "upscale trailer-park kitsch" theme we've got going at Degenerate Press HQ. The show started and I was immediately impressed with the British accents, nicely done. The first half the play was a slow buildup of misadventures and accidents that befall the lead character, though many of them are actually caused by the lead himself. The second half is the climax of the disastrous wedding day and I couldn't help but be reminded of Cleese's Faulty Towers. Overall, the performances were good, if not great. The script is fair but is a bit dated - you can tell it would have been a lot funnier in London in '77. Now, the discomfort of homosexuality, unwed mothers, and drunks just isn't asÍ well, uncomfortable. So it's not as funny. I found the program almost more entertaining, with a paragraph about Chapman written by each of the other Python players just for this show. "Graham has cleverly become the youngest Python," wrote Idle, referring to Graham's death.

Looks like the DP editor is getting sent down to Tampa on business this week so I'll be missing the swell show at Echo (Bindlestiff, Greasepaint) this week. Next weekend we're off to Exoticon in New Orleans, then on to Texas for turkey day, then our tour of the southeast closes with another long drive home. Fortunately a couple of degenerates are sticking around to watch the fort, but they won't be dealing with the semi-weekly broadcast so don't be surprised if we're silent for a couple of weeks. If we can, we'll get to a machine and sent reports from the road but with our schedule it doesn't look likely. Full report on all the above when we return.

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