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Yeah yeah yeah, I should'a been there at that swell Halloween show you saw that was so great but I had nursing duties for the girlfriend and I gotta have my priorities. So write us a review of that swell (or sucky) show and we'll run it next episode.
Babble aside, let's get to some reviews!
We got the new 6X CD a while back, "Thunder Bomb", and I've been living with it, hoping I'd grow to like it more before I wrote a review. Instead, I'm forced to say I have to agree with Jeff Clark's review - too much cover material. It's stuff that would've been fun at a live show but you expect some new, original material on a CD. There's not a lot of that here. Sure, what IS there is good stuff - everyone in that band has enough talent to front their own show - but it probably won't stick in my 5 disc player nearly as often as their first CD, which winds up back in rotation about every other time I slap a new set in there.
We picked up the new Drive By Truckers CD "Alabama Ass Whuppin'". I'd been putting off tracking it down since most of it was live material that was already recorded on their first two CD's. But the live versions on the new CD have a rough edge that's closer to what you get in the latest incarnation of the Truckers - less twang, more clang, a hint faster and louder. And the (very) little material that doesn't appear on their other CDs is worth having too, so it'll do until the new rock opera CD comes out in the spring. Can't wait.
Meanwhile, in the print world, degenerate GN has ceased editing Southeast Performer and has returned to freelance life. As part of that effort he's written a (somewhat fruity) article about Atlanta's music scene for an online magazine at Note his failure to mention Atlanta's underground media! ;)
Speaking of, your Degenerate Press editor is still searching for a worthy local paper outlet for his rants and raves, but even should one materialize this effort will continue.

At first I thought it was another hilarious sendup by the Landover Baptist people. But the more I read the more I realized it wasn't a joke, which only makes the Landover site even funnier:
WWJD - What Would Jesus Drive?
(Editor's response - a Christler, of course!)
On another side of the spectrum of odd online events, check out this completely surreal artistic and technological effort:

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