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After a week of nursing a sick girlfriend (get your flu shots! It's a NASTY one this year!!), cabin fever took over and I headed to the Star Bar early. In the rush to get out of the house I neglected to grab the camera, but once the show started I realized things have changed in the clubs in Atlanta. When I first started seeing live music I was usually the only one with a camera. Occasionally the band would get some fan to shoot a few shots, but I was definitely one of the few trying to make an art of it. But with the advent of digital photography, EVERY technogeek in the land watches half the show through an LCD panel, snapping shots and even video non-stop. No, they can't get the same look and effect I get out of old-fashioned film, but I'd have felt foolish trying to crowd in with them all clustered at the edge of the stage trying to get a good shot. I'm not sure what effect this is gonna have on my attitude about me taking pictures at shows long-term yet, but it's a bit disheartening. Enough babble, on to the reviews.
Pretty Vacant kicked things off. I'd say they were a Sex Pistols tribute band, but they're really closer to a recreationist organization, like those groups that reenact the Civil War. The Johnny Rotten character takes the same poses, shaking his fist and cursing the crowd. They break character often, but regardless it was a fun set. A fellow degenerate pointed out "They're too good to be the Sex Pistols." I struggled with the idea of trying to reproduce the great rock and roll swindle that WAS the Pistols - trying to play below your own ability, and resurrecting a movement that has long since evolved beyond such a crude art form. But soon I gave up worrying and was caught up in the energy. Fun stuff.
Catfight followed with their usual stuff, all of it good. It broke down at the end when they started talking about Ann's departure from the band and they all got teary eyed. But the crowd was nothing but cheers.
After a short break, Kevin, of 6X, came on in new duds, a suit made of fake leopard fur and a feather boa. No, 6X has not decided to go glam, just Kevin. Fashion aside, they did a swell set of stuff from both their CD's with the usual incredible guitar work by Rob Gal. After an hour or so, Rob broke into a wail that was vaguely familiar. Kevin cranked up a smoke machine and strobe light, then a guy slipped out from behind stage in a big blonde wig and a velvet jacket and the recognition hit me - a Smith's tune, circa 1989. The guest vocalist took to the mike and did his best Morrisey moan and I just couldn't stop laughing. They jumped straight from that into their "I Dig Chicks" hidden track off their first CD for the show stopper.
In other music news, Truckadelic's new CD should be out before Consumass. And speaking of the holidays, our favorite is coming fast - New Year's Eve. I've already started assembling some very entertaining ideas for invites, music and media for the event. Since we have a couple of holidays between now and then the event will creep up on ya' faster than you expect so start planning now! Plane tickets, explosives, babysitters, whatever you need to survive the ordeal that is Degenerate Press' REAL End of the Millennium Bash - 2001, A Party Oddity.

This will be the last broadcast of Electric Degeneration before George Gore is elected as our next president. Or maybe it'll be that other guy, Al Bush. Either way, it's depressing as hell, but I am happy to note that I've talked to four of five degenerates that are planning to vote for Nader. If you're local to Atlanta, you might not know that there are other green party candidates on the ballot for other positions of power. So please head to the polls on Tuesday thinking green, and I'm not talking about money.

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